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Be Forward-Thinking

When I was getting my master’s degree in Information Technology Management at @nps_monterey, I wrote a report on Distance Learning. I’ll be giving away my age, but this was in 1999. We had the technology then - and even before then - to be able to teach from a distance.

🖥 Think Forward.

Last week @goglobaladvisory had conversations with a startup building a digital workforce. The technology is available and shows great outcomes, but some markets are resisting bringing on AI workers.

💫 Think Forward.

In my interview with Dr. Sarper Tanli, we talked about how, even if the technology is available, it doesn’t mean the market is ready. Go to market plans are like art + strategy + a bit of luck + who you know + good story-telling.

🏨 Think Forward.

GG is working with an electric aviation company who is already in the air and has a roadmap out to 2030. Yes, the technology is exciting, and the commercialization plan is just as important for this technology to work and benefit travelers and the environment.

🛩 Think Forward.

GG recently joined the board at a large-scale AgTech, FoodTech and ClimateTech accelerator which has an 8-year startup plan.

🌱 Think Forward.

Innovation does not happen overnight. But it requires vision, imagination, and enthusiasm for what’s possible.

⭐️ Think Forward.

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