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Every Problem is Born with a Solution

Every problem is also born with its own solution. The work is to find it.

The work is to believe, not only that solutions exist, but that they are worth finding.

When people feel hopeless, fearful, desolate, they have little motivation to act - what’s the point?

They freeze up.

However, when people have the courage to see that things can be better despite all noise to the contrary, then they feel motivated to work toward that better future.

They take action.

Amory Lovins cofounder and chairman emeritus of RMI, proposed the idea of Applied Hope: the pragmatic conviction that individuals acting out of hope can create a world being hopeful about.

In this article from Vox, Kelsey Piper invites us to “stop telling kids that climate change will destroy their world” and reminds us that the best way a child can build a better future - the way ANY of us can build a better future - is by “learning more and developing new skills that [we’ll] be able to directly bring to bear on problems like climate change”

And this is why GoGlobal is dedicated to mobilizing resources that foster the growth of innovation and technology, because we have a vision for a better future and we see it being created each and every day in the tech companies we advise.

We live in a beautiful world.

It is full of smart, hard-working people focused on solutions, filled with hope, and dedicated to a better, brighter future.

Applied hope. Optimism. A vision for what’s possible. A willingness to build a world being hopeful about.

Who’s with us? What are you working on? What are you excited about? What resources are you looking for?

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