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GoGlobal Mentor Spotlight with Burak Elmas & Tara Lutman

GoGlobal sends our heartfelt congratulations to Burak Elmas, the newly elected president of the renowned Galatasaray Football Team.

Before we even had a name for GoGlobal, we said, “We must work with the best quality.” The best startups, the best investors, the best partners, and the best mentors.

This is why we are so grateful that Burak agreed early on in our journey to come on board as one of our GoGlobal mentors.

He is one of the best. 💛♥️

He has listened patiently to our beauty, sports, and retail startups and offered valuable advice and guidance that made the difference between a mediocre business and a stellar one.

In honor of Burak’s recent achievement, we are re-sharing our interview with him where he shares important advice, including:

👉How his experience in international business helped him find the best practices from different countries and cultures to make the business stronger and how he contributes this knowledge and expertise to GoGlobal portfolio companies.

👉His perspective on how companies built on old business models can benefit from collaborating with startup companies.

👉What he thinks is missing from the startup ecosystem and what he says you need to expand your idea to different geographies.

👉And what startups must do to make themselves attractive to investors.

It’s timeless advice. 🙌

Enjoy the interview and our gratitude and best wishes to Burak.

🎥Watch the full video on our YouTube channel:

Special thanks to @kabakciemirhan 🎥for helping us to format and edit our videos 🙏🥰

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