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GoGlobal Mentor Spotlight with Dr. Sarper Tanli & Tara Lutman

In this GoGlobal Mentor Spotlight, cofounding partner Tara Lutman interviews Dr. Sarper Tanli, founder of Diginova Health Solutions in Dubai, UAE.

You will be enriched by our conversation and if you watch to the end you will feel optimistic about what the future holds for us in healthcare.

Watch this webisode to learn:

  • What needs to happen before you can bring any kind of disruptive technology to the commercial market.

  • Key things you must know before expanding your tech company to any countries in the Middle East (applies to expanding to any new region).

  • Mistakes startups make when they try and enter a new market and how to prevent these mistakes.

  • How Diginova and GoGlobal work together to help tech startups in MedTech, HealthTech and Digital Healthcare grow, scale and expand.

  • Why a specific technology might not be ready for commercialization and what to do about it.

  • What technology Sarper is most excited about when it comes to digital health solutions.

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