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GoGlobal portfolio company, Verofax secures $1.5M pre-Series A for Traceability as a Service

Dear GoGlobal Investors, Partners, Founders, and Innovators;

We are proud to share this news about Verofax, one of our portfolio companies, recently secured $1.5M in their pre-series A round.

We were introduced to Verofax through Microsoft MENA's Growth X Accelerator program.

GoGlobal works with companies building technology that addresses global challenges. Verofax is a great example; their Traceability as a Service solution is quickly being adopted in retail, logistics, food & beverage, and health sectors, to name a few.

Among other things, we love how their solution enables brands' direct access to consumers while allowing consumers to communicate with brands and influence production, manufacturing, and values from the ground up.

In this round, GoGlobal supported Verofax with their capital raise by bringing on strategic private and institutional investors and introducing key customers into their growth pipeline.

Please join us in congratulating Verofax for this achievement.

Now we go back to working with Verofax to help them meet their growth milestones, expanding into Europe and North America.

Do you have a celebration or news to share about what's happening in your ecosystem? Please leave a comment below.

Let us know what's happening with your startup, investment fund, or innovation platform. We'd love to hear from you, too, and explore any ways we can collaborate on the growth and expansion of your venture.

Best Wishes,

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