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Keep Going: A note to the visionaries and trailblazers building disruptive technology

Growing your early stage startup?

Raising capital?

Hearing no?

Hearing lots of nos?

Or worse yet, not hearing anything at all?

Keep going.

Trailblazers, visionaries and the innovators who are building the future with technology - it can be challenging, lonely and disheartening when people don’t get it.

Not only is your job to envision what’s possible and put it into motion, but you also have to articulate your vision and enroll others into it.

This is called leadership.

Keep going.

If you know for sure what you are building can serve others once it’s built.

Keep going.

If you feel in your bones that once it’s built so many people’s lives will be better for it.

Keep going.

You were not given that vision, that desire, or that will for nothing.

You were given that vision for a purpose.

Find a way.

Keep going.

The others will catch up soon.

They will get it.

Keep going.

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