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One of my mentors often says, “God doesn’t make ‘extra people’.”

What she means is, everyone on this planet is here for a purpose and no one is superfluous.

Every single person on this planet has something to contribute and to offer and to give.

I was listening to a podcast recently where they were debating some of the reasons for the inflation we’re seeing now - too many dollars chasing too few goods.

Supply and demand.

When you have more demand than supply, prices rise.

One way to balance this and create more harmony in supply and demand is to produce - to contribute.

You have something - you can produce and supply something - that someone else needs.

For our GoGlobal startups, through innovation, they are producing and supplying technology that addresses global challenges in education, agriculture, energy production, mobility, transportation, operational efficiencies, healthcare and more (see our website for a full portfolio of our great startups).

For GoGlobal, our contribution - the thing that we produce through our network, experience and platform - is the mobilization of resources so these innovative solutions can get in the hands of the people who can benefit from them.

It is easy to feel discouraged about the way the world is going until you recognize how much power is in your hands to contribute to producing solutions.

Be proactive. Be productive. Offer a solution.

In this week’s Behind the Scenes mailer, I’ll be sharing a beautiful example of someone producing innovations in energy. If you’d like to get access to that example, you can sign up to receive my mailer here.

GoGlobal has a growing global network of investors, accelerators, incubators and innovators producing solutions to global challenges.

Please comment below or send us a private message to join our network.

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