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Selling is Serving

This week at GoGlobal we’ve had a number of enterprise sales meetings for one of our blockchain startups.

I love how the CEO takes a potential customer through a sales process.

First he tries to understand the business - how the customer is currently operating.

Then, he tries to understand where the challenges are.

And then he works to explain how his product offers an innovative solution to the customer’s challenges.

What I love most is how he never puts any pressure on the customer to buy his solution.

He gently explains what’s possible if and when the customer would like to address the challenges with his solution.

It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

A mentor of mine often says that Selling Is Serving.

It is helping a potential customer to see if your product is a solution to their problem.

This is the conversation I had with one of my private coaching clients who has shifted from a corporate career to her own design business.

She just finished working with a dream client and we were talking about how to bring in more of the same kind of clients (I have a methodology for this) and we got on the topic of how uncomfortable she felt selling her services.

This is such a natural process - if you watch how a flower opens itself up to a butterfly you can see it. There is no pressure, no pushiness, only the flower showing in all its beauty what it has to offer the butterfly. And the butterfly leaves nourished and nurtured.

When it comes to building a better world, selling is essential in getting your innovative and transformative product into the hands of the people who can use it so their lives can be transformed.

GoGlobal helps early stage tech startups with this, and I also work with my private coaching clients on this.

What’s your top challenge when it comes to selling? Share in the comments or send us a private message.

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