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Stay Focused

This week we got some simple advice from one of our seasoned investors. We were evaluating a deal together and he was sharing some of his feedback, concerns, and insights about the deal.

At the end of our conversation he said, “Stay focused.”

This particular deal is in a crowded sector with lots of competition in an industry that is seeing rapid of growth, investment in the hundreds of millions, and will be one of the ways we all operate in the near future as the strongest companies rise to the top.

It’s pretty exciting, and the temptation can be to jump at the first opportunity you see without being thoughtful about what the investment is really about.

Besides applying this advice to investing, you can also apply it to how you do life.

What Esra and I have emphasized since we founded GoGlobal is to focus on what we do and know best.

What we know best is technology startups.

How to grow them with funding, with partnerships, with know how, and with creativity and seeing bigger possibilities.

This is our focus.

What’s yours?

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