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The Internet of Value

What I explained about Web 3.0 at the time is that because of Web 2.0, we will have created so much data, that we’d need an innovative way to process and analyze it all. This would be Web 3.0.

What I couldn’t have seen ten years ago is what it would look like in application.

But I see that in development today and it’s pretty exciting.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been exploring the idea that “all companies are tech companies”

This idea comes from a podcast interview with Reid Hoffman who explained that if you look at how manufacturing incorporates sensors and robotics, or how Hollywood distributes and produces films and entertainment, you will see how all companies and sectors are transforming into tech companies.

So I’ve been asking colleagues and friends from all sectors - where are you seeing this happen in your area of expertise?

Here are some examples:

  • A colleague of mine who works on event management for things like brand activations and board meetings says she’s seeing this with venues who are building hybrid experiences around the venue space.

  • Another colleague who has been in the fashion industry for over two decades says she’s seeing this in fashion and design where brands are looking at their presence in the metaverse.

  • A founder working in the entertainment for over 20 years has the experience to know what’s needed in a platform to serve the industry and I see how the platform will be made much stronger with blockchain technology that wasn’t available before.

In the pitch decks and companies I review I’m seeing this play out in areas from finance, to sales, from health to human resources, to food production and more.

As I have these conversations with colleagues, founders, investors, academics and trailblazers I also read articles and follow trends to connect the dots.

And I rewatched this panel on the future of payments and saw ideas and possibilities I didn’t see a year ago.

The curious part of myself asks questions like:

  • How can we digitize our emotions?

  • How are we digitizing transactions?

  • How can these innovations help us all live better lives and in more harmony with each other and the planet?

Over the years we’ve seen the Internet of Things, the Internet of Skills and we are in the process of creating the Internet of Value.

I think we are seeing a transformation in - or perhaps a better understanding of - what is of value, how do we value it, how do we articulate it, how do we digitize it?

Who contributes? Who benefits? How do we distribute the benefits as a form of compensation?

I’m rambling … but maybe you get the point, that every company is a tech company.

We are building the Internet of Value.

And though I have more questions than answers as I explore what this looks like, what I know is that we are building it, and the greater diversity of thought, experience, wisdom and perspectives we can bring through technology, academia, investing, leadership, the more we will flourish and the better off we’ll be.

So, I thank those who are teaching and guiding me.

I thank those who came before me to lay the groundwork for what we have today.

I thank those visionaries and risk takers who are building the foundation for what we’ll have tomorrow.

If you are curious about any of the above and would like to discuss more, I invite you to leave me a comment below or send me a private message and tell me what you’re interested in and focused on.

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