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What are we co-creating?

Celebrating a great conversation I had yesterday with one of the Dubai-based VCs in our global funder network.

We talked about some of the elements needed in a healthy tech ecosystem:

  • Funding and access to funding

  • Visionaries who believe in what’s possible when technology and innovation are applied to global challenges

  • Like-minded communities of people who can inspire and support each other

  • Regulations that support the adoption of new technology

  • A healthy perspective on risk-taking

And more …

When Esra and I started GoGlobal, one of our objectives was to add value to the global tech ecosystem for the healthy growth of technology that addresses global challenges.

And one of our major drives at GoGlobal is to mobilize resources required for growth.

This can be capital, know-how, physical spaces, strategic partnerships, opportunities to enact pilots within established enterprises - anything that can help startups grow in a healthy way.

I’d love to hear from you - what is working in the ecosystem where you are?

What is supporting the growth and development of innovation and technology that you think is worth sharing with the rest of us so we can adopt those best practices as well?

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