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It is beautiful to observe how masculine and feminine leadership styles support each other.

The masculine is top-down. It is linear - like a hierarchy. It gives clear and direct guidance. It is ordered and structured.

People feel safe and secure under this type of leadership.

It is like the head.

The feminine is felt from the inside out. It is circular - like a network with nodes. When one node lights up, it activates the other nodes in the network. It lights up with possibility.

People feel inspired by this type of leadership.

It is like the heart.

Neither one is better than the other - they serve different purposes at different times. And they both serve to guide forward movement.

This was one of the topics that came up in a recent mentoring session with a Microsoft scaleup company I was working with.

Sometimes you lead by the direction you give - with the things you SAY.

And sometimes you lead by the example you set - by the things you DO.

Either way, whether you are leading your company, your family or your life, observe how you oscillate between the masculine and the feminine styles of leadership in what you are building and growing in your business and your life.

And notice how you respond to these kinds of leadership styles in others.

Which do you find more effective and compelling and in which circumstances?

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