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Aspiring to Greater Futures

Esra and I had the honor to meet with Prof Dr Ger Graus OBE, Global Director of Education at Kidzania.

What Professor Graus said that stuck with me is that stereotypes are formed by the time a child is four years old.

And he went on to explain that a child can aspire as high as the experiences they have.

The more experiences a child is exposed to, the greater that child can dream.

Add in technology which has the power to address global challenges at scale.

Add in innovation which mobilizes technology and gets it into the hands of end users.

Add in the ubiquity of Web 3.0 which promises the possibility of making the internet accessible to everyone anywhere, at any time.

You can offer a wider range of experiences to a wider range of people - of children - anywhere in the world.

Technology and innovation have the power to give children access to greater experiences which can allow them the opportunity to aspire to greater futures.

The technology renaissance that is coming is very exciting, very promising, and gives me lots of hope.

On that note, what are you seeing in your work, in your industry, in your community that gives you hope?

Where do you see the promise of technology to allow us all to aspire to something greater?

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