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EBS2022 “Women Leaders Leading Blockchain and Technology” FireChat

Thank you, Eurasia Blockchain Summit. I am happy to be a panelist in the "Women Leaders Leading Blockchain and Technology" panel with extraordinary sector leaders.

It was a proud moment to see that 3 out of 4 panelists were Arya Women! Thank you, Arya Women Investment Platform, for all the hard work for the gender gap and for making women's voices heard!

And finally, thank you, GoGlobal community! We are together to make the world a better place for all!

Eurasia Blockchain Summit 2022, 8th October

"Women Leaders Leading Blockchain and Technology"

Silan Kusin, Research Manager at CoinTalks and Member of CryptoFemale

Esra Talu, Co-Founder of GoGlobal Advisory, Board Member Arya Women Investment Platform

Özlem Kalkan, Sabancı Dx CSMO and Board Member at Teknosa & WTECH

Elçin Karatay, Lawyer, Managing Partner at Solak&Partners Law Firm

Beste Sıla Sarıca , Co-Founder & COO NFTBull

Avrasya Blokzinciri Zirvesi 2022, 8 Ekim

"Blokzinciri ve Teknolojisine Liderlik Eden Lider Kadınlar"

Şilan Küsin, CoinTalks Araştırma Müdürü ve CryptoFemale Üye

Esra Talu, GoGlobal Co-Founder, Board Member Arya Women Investment Platform.

Özlem Kalkan, Sabancı Dx CSMO ve Teknosa & WTECH Yönetim Kurulu Üyesi

Elçin Karatay, Avukat ve Solak&Partners Law Firm Yönetici Ortak

Beste Sıla Sarıca, NFTBull Co-Founder & COO

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