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The Power of Growth in Business and in Life

At GoGlobal, we believe that technology and innovation have the power to address global challenges at scale. This forms the passion and foundation for our work with early stage and emerging tech startups to grow, scale and expand globally.

Just as I work with my cofounding partner Esra, and our global network of regional partners to help startups grow, I also believe in dedicating resources to my own personal and professional growth.

This is why I’m thrilled to announce I was recently accepted to be a consulting member in The Upside.

For GoGlobal, one of our greatest assets in our network, and by joining The Upside, we now have another tool in our arsenal - access to a powerful network of industry leaders and experts spanning dozens of sectors and residing across 7 time zones.

I’ll be partnering, collaborating and networking with top consultants and advisors who work with companies ranging from venture-backed startups to Fortune 100s.

Joining The Upside was my way of committing to my business growth and doubling down on what I do best: helping tech startups grow, scale and expand so that their world-changing technology can address global challenges.

Here’s to the power of growth in business and in life.

Where are you committed to growth personally or professionally?

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