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Our Vision & Our Mission

The GoGlobal Project was formed in 2019 in Miami Beach, USA - an emerging tech hub - allowing Esra Talu & Tara Lutman to join forces and combine their 25 + years of experience. 

Our vision is to flourish people and the planet because technology has been built for their welfare. We have made it our mission to mobilize resources so that technology ventures designed for positive global impact can grow, scale, and expand to make a difference in people's lives and the planet's health. Working closely in technology for over 25 years, we have seen that the power of technology has addressed global challenges at scale. We see how today's innovators and innovations positively shape the world we will live in when built with vision and purpose. We envision a world where technology is made with the intention of human flourishing and environmental abundance. Our mission is to mobilize the resources in global tech ecosystems to grow, scale, and expand their innovations to impact people and the planet positively. Our work includes transforming knowledge, expertise, financial investment, best practices, and regional and global networks into fertile soil so startups can grow and deliver technology solutions to those who will benefit most. We enable technology and innovation to create happier, healthier, wealthier people and more sustainable life on our planet.

Our Principles & Working Model

We seek those in alignment with our working principles by insourcing projects, startups, partners, and joint ventures.

Our award-winning clients and peers have acknowledged our competence, performance, and network. We distinguish ourselves by solid leadership and persistence in pursuing growth for our clients and their ventures. We are considered thought leaders among our peers. As strategic advisors, we must provide independent and actionable advice to our clients; but it is their responsibility to take action. We take a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to our startups, integrating our advisory services into solutions that reflect the complexity of the problems they solve. Just as we enable the overall sustainable development of society at large, we equally strive to balance our solutions' economic, social, and environmental impact. We strive to positively impact clients' work, society, and the world. We are in business to contribute to the positive long-term development of communities by fulfilling our clients' visions and finding solutions to their most pressing needs, challenges, and concerns - personal and professional. Ultimately, we aim to facilitate improved living conditions and protection of the natural environment - this underlies the purpose of everything we do.

For Startups

We provide startups with strategic &
networking support for global expansion & growing the startup beyond its original market.

We provide professional experience from both the startup & investor sides.
We do personal introductions to Global Investors, Partner Networks, including Private & Corporate Investors, Angel Investors, VCs, & Family Offices.
We facilitate access to regions including North America, Europe, Turkey, the UK, & the Middle East & Africa.
We give hands-on strategic support for growth & global expansion.
For more information, please see “ GoGlobal Startup Growth & Scaleup Expansion Pathway.”

Global Expansion Requires
Experience Coupled With A Diverse Network & Aligned Principles

GoGlobal brings together Individual Investors, VCs, Asset Managers, Corporate Partners, Institutions, & Tech Entrepreneurs, facilitating sustainable growth & expansion opportunities. With over 25 years of professional experience combined with an extensive global network, we aim to make it easier for investors to find international impact-driven deals and help purpose-led tech startups expand into global markets. We help identify business models, develop business strategies and build relationships. Our fee structure is suitable for most emerging growth tech companies and startups.

The GoGlobal Advantage

We have worked with numerous early-stage companies, some of which have grown to become market leaders. Our team members, business partners, & mentors have a diverse & significant track record working with tech entrepreneurs. We provide access to a large & growing network of investors, VC clients & tech entrepreneurs.
We have a rich experience & understanding of early-stage tech companies & their challenges. We are a global firm with operations across six continents. We are willing to invest in long-term strategic relationships through proactive service and competitive pricing.

Enter New Markets

We help you connect with the best people, opportunities & resources in the regions where you desire to go.


Meet the best people and get access to the right resources. We design and collaborate on events for people to come together & interact with one another in fun environments.

Access global opportunities in the sectors & regions where you desire to enter. We use our knowledge & networks to find you the best people to help scout & match you with the right opportunities.

For start-ups with solid business plans, we help with the most crucial part; implementation. Get & stay on the right track & have us help you open doors to people & markets where you want to grow.

High standards create quality results. We do our research & try to seek out & find the highest quality people & resources so you can feel good about entering global partnerships.

For Investors

We help de-risk investments with high-quality scouting & hands-on strategic support for startup founders.


We do expert scouting for quality deal flow. We have a portfolio of impact-driven tech startups working to solve relevant & modern global problems with proven business models & traction. We help your invested companies grow & expand by opening doors in global markets through our vast international network. Our goal is de-risking investments by strategically advising startups to reach their next fundable level and exit. 

For Institutions & Corporates

We help with programming, training, advisory support & coaching to enhance cohorts' success. 

We design White Label Programs to train cohorts. Our Custom-Designed Programs help maximize cohort performance. We give access to Global Investors, Partner Networks & open the doors to growth.


Who We Are


Co-Founder & Partner


Tech Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor, Mentor, University Lecturer, Board Member, Business Strategist, Connector, Writer, and Mom.
25 + years of professional experience leading and directing businesses & organizations. She is sought after for her expertise & knowledge by individual investors and global funds on tech start-ups, scale-ups, & early-stage investments. Speaks 3 European Languages—degrees in Computer Programming, International Relations, Business Administration & Literature.

Co-Founder & Partner

Born & raised in Silicon Valley, a Global Advisor, Mentor, and Coach to tech founders and business leaders with 20+ years of experience creating and implementing strategic plans in corporate, academic, government, and private sectors. Advisory Board Member to tech start-ups and social enterprises. Culturally adept and trusted in the global expansion of start-ups and scale-ups. Award-winning project plans for international clients.BS in Psychology and MS in Information Technology Management.

Proud To Partner With

Our Business Partners



President Keiretsu Forum Israel Affiliated Chapter at Club 100 Plus


Ph.D. Managing Partner at Centrum Auditing Turkey



Partner at Solak & Partners Law Firm



Dubai Correspondent at Bloomberg HT

Our Agents & Mentors

Most entrepreneurs see the growth potential in their organization. But the common denominator for achieving growth is not tools or technologies, though those can undoubtedly be enablers. The most effective lever is people. GoGlobal works with seasoned agents & mentors worldwide, spanning diverse industries, to mobilize the most significant assets in their network to drive meaningful change to global problems. GoGlobal agents & mentors are visionary entrepreneurs, investors, or professionals who guide, educate, and inspire startup founders to become significantly better leaders, transform organizations into truly great enterprises, and build a better world for future generations.

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Istanbul, Türkiye


Basel, Switzerland


Tel Aviv, Israel

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Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

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Kigali, Rwanda

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Istanbul, Türkiye

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London, UK

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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San Francisco, USA

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London, UK


Oslo, Norway

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Dubai, UAE