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Our Vision & Our Mission

GoGlobal, founded in 2019 by a team of experienced professionals in Miami Beach, is passionate about using technology to make a positive impact on people and the planet. Our mission is to promote sustainable growth and innovation by mobilizing resources and creating a supportive ecosystem for startups. Our work envisions a future where technology improves the lives of people and creates a sustainable world. GoGlobal is committed to enabling technology and innovation to create a brighter, healthier, and more prosperous future for all.

Our Principles & Working Model

It is our great pleasure to join forces with like-minded individuals and organizations who share our core principles and values. In selecting our projects, partnerships, start-ups and joint ventures, we remain steadfast in our commitment to these guiding beliefs. Our outstanding reputation is a testament to our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional results and cultivating meaningful connections. At the heart of our approach lies a distinctive focus on strong leadership and unwavering determination to help our clients achieve growth in their endeavors. Drawing on our extensive experience in the field, we are proud to be regarded as thought leaders, providing our clients with independent, actionable advice. Ultimately, we respect our clients' autonomy in making decisions. Our advisory services adopt a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to solving the complex issues faced by start-ups. We strive to make a positive impact on society and the world by offering solutions that are economically, socially, and environmentally responsible. Our ultimate aim is to improve living standards and safeguard the environment for future generations. Our unwavering commitment to fulfilling our clients' personal and professional aspirations remains at the forefront of our mission. We are fully devoted to promoting long-term sustainable development and making a meaningful contribution to society.

For Startups

Our services offer strategic and networking support to startups seeking to expand globally and grow beyond their original market.

Our team brings a wealth of experience from both the startup and investor perspectives. We offer personalized introductions to a range of potential investors, including Private and Corporate Investors, Angel Investors, VCs, and Family Offices, as well as access to various regions such as North America, Europe, Turkey, the UK, and the Middle East & Africa. Additionally, we provide practical, strategic support to help businesses achieve growth and expand globally.

We kindly suggest reviewing the "GoGlobal Startup Growth & Scaleup Expansion Pathway." 

Achieving global expansion requires a combination of valuable experience, a diverse network, and shared principles that can help pave the way to success.

At GoGlobal, we connect individual investors, venture capitalists, asset managers, corporate partners, institutions, and tech entrepreneurs to create opportunities for sustainable growth and expansion. With more than 25 years of professional experience and a vast global network, we strive to make it easier for investors to discover international impact-driven deals and assist purpose-led tech startups in expanding into global markets. We provide assistance in identifying business models, developing business strategies, and building relationships. Our fee structure is suitable for most emerging growth tech companies and startups.

The GoGlobal Advantage

Our team has a wealth of experience working with early-stage tech entrepreneurs, resulting in numerous successful market leaders. Our diverse group of experts and business partners provides unparalleled access to a vast network of investors, venture capitalist clients, and fellow tech innovators. Our global firm operates on six continents, and we are dedicated to cultivating long-term strategic relationships with proactive service and competitive pricing. With our deep understanding of the unique challenges that early-stage tech companies face, we are equipped to provide comprehensive support throughout your journey.

Enter New Markets

Our goal is to assist you in connecting with the most suitable people, opportunities, and resources in the regions you wish to explore.


Looking for opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals and access valuable resources? Our events are designed to provide fun and interactive environments for people to connect and network. 

Interested in expanding your business globally? Let us help you access opportunities in your desired sectors and regions. We'll use our knowledge and networks to find the right people to help scout and match you with the best opportunities. 

For startups with solid business plans, we understand the importance of implementation. Let us help you stay on track and open doors to people and markets where you want to grow. 

At our company, we strive for high standards and quality results. We conduct thorough research to seek out the best people and resources, so you can feel confident in entering global partnerships.

For Investors

We provide assistance to investors by offering high-quality scouting and hands-on strategic support to startup founders, thus reducing investment risks.


Our focus lies in discovering the most exceptional investment opportunities available. Our portfolio comprises technology startups dedicated to resolving essential global issues with successful business models that have already gained traction. We aim to help you grow your invested companies by providing access to our vast global network. Our primary goal is to minimize investment risks by strategically guiding startups toward their next fundable stage and eventual exit.

For Institutions & Corporations

At GoGlobal, we are dedicated to empowering cohorts in institutions and corporations with a wide range of services that help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Our mentoring programs, training, advisory support, and coaching services empower our clients to confidently overcome challenges and achieve success. We offer White Label Programs specifically designed to train cohorts, and our Custom-Designed Programs are tailored to maximize cohort performance. We also provide access to global investors and partner networks, opening doors to growth opportunities.

Founder & Partners

Who We Are


Founder & CEO


Esra is an accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in business and organizational leadership. She is a valuable asset to investors and funds seeking expertise in the tech start-up and early-stage investment arenas. In addition to her impressive credentials, Esra is fluent in multiple European languages, making her a powerful connector and communicator in global business networks. As a tech entrepreneur, advisor, investor, mentor, university lecturer, board member, writer, and mother, Esra brings a unique perspective and skill set to every opportunity she pursues.

Business Partner

With more than two decades of experience in advising, mentoring, and coaching tech founders and business leaders across various sectors, Tara, a Silicon Valley native, is a highly respected global authority in her field. Her expertise in navigating cultural differences has earned her the trust of clients seeking to expand their start-ups and scale-ups internationally. Tara's project plans have even been recognized with awards. In addition to her advisory roles with tech start-ups and social enterprises, Tara holds a BS in Psychology and an MS in Information Technology Management.