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Digitizing the Future Today: Client Spotlight with Verofax CEO Wassim Merheby

Big thank you to CEO Wassim Merheby from Verofax, one of our GoGlobal portfolio companies, for taking time to talk with GoGlobal Cofounding Partner Tara Lutman about their path to growth and lessons learned.

Watch this episode to:

  • Hear how Wassim used his corporate background to build a software startup (and why he focused on software).

  • Learn about the way Verofax uses blockchain technology to help brands digitize their products, interact directly with their consumers, and empower all stakeholders from the manufacturer to the end user to engage more sustainable choices and behavior.

  • Discover how Verofax was able to include strategic investors in each of their investment rounds and having each round be oversubscribed.

  • See how to address the challenges of building and selling early stage technology

  • Learn about the opportunities available to investors who invest in a company early.

  • Hear Wassim explain how working with GoGlobal helped them close their bridge round with Silicon Valley VC 500 Global, Dubai Angel Investors and private strategic investors.

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About GoGlobal:

GoGlobal works with global tech ecosystems to help early stage tech startups grow, scale and expand around the world. We mobilize resources to help startups raise growth capital, forge strategic partnerships and win key customers in new markets.

Based in the emerging tech hub of Miami, GoGlobal extends our worldwide reach through our network of partners in the US, UK, Europe, Turkey, and the MENA region.

We offer a broad portfolio of services to tech startups, investors, corporates and institutions to foster technology and innovation. Our focus is to mobilize resources worldwide for impact-driven tech startups to scale & expand their business.

We support innovative entrepreneurs to deploy their solutions to global problems especially in support of the UN SDGs.

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