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GoGlobal has helped their companies get more than $100 million through dedication.

In a recent interview with Femme Lead on YouTube, Esra Talu, the Founder and CEO of GoGlobal, discussed the company's accomplishments.

Our advisory firm has quickly built a reputation for trustworthiness. With a network of local partners spanning several countries, we offer excellent services from our base in Miami, FL - a burgeoning tech hub in America.

Our main objective is to assist innovative startups in achieving sustainable growth and expansion while tackling social, environmental, and economic challenges. We provide practical support to our portfolio companies through human, social, and financial resources. Our extensive global network encompasses countries such as the USA, UK, Israel, Türkiye, and UAE, enabling us to offer top-notch advisory services to clients across different regions. Our clientele includes Founders, Investors, Venture Capitalists, Corporations & Institutions from diverse tech ecosystems worldwide.

Our business has achieved remarkable milestones since 2019. We now have a presence in three continents- North America, Europe, and Asia- and are active in seven startup-friendly cities worldwide.

Our team has offered valuable advice to 30 + impact-driven startups, which has enabled them to raise more than $100 million in funding globally. Moreover, our extensive network has introduced these companies to over 100 potential international clients, expanding their reach and business growth.

Our commitment to prioritizing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals is unwavering. We strongly support the 2030 UNDP Sustainable Development Goals and the 2050 Zero emissions target. Our diverse and inclusive portfolio comprises half women-led businesses, covering various industries from health tech and edtech to agtech, fintech, climate tech, food tech, and Gen Z consumer goods to SaaS.

We have an experienced mentor network and local business partners and have gained tremendous insights from advising our clients. Our company's success lies in delivering impactful solutions that contribute to building a more sustainable and equitable world.

Please click the link provided below to access the complete interview on YouTube.

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