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Beauty Tech Founder Victoria Senkpiel on the Triple Win

GoGlobal works within global tech ecosystems to help early stage tech startups grow, scale and expand around the world.

We work with startups and investors to raise growth capital, forge strategic partnerships and win key customers in new markets.

Based in the emerging tech hub of Miami, GoGlobal's reach extends worldwide through our network of partners in the US, UK, Europe, Turkey, and the MENA region.

We offer a broad portfolio of services to tech startups, investors, corporates and institutions to foster technology and innovation. Our focus is to mobilize global resources so that impact-driven tech startups can grow, scale & expand their growth.

We support innovative entrepreneurs to deploy their solutions to global problems especially in support of the UN SDGs. In this GoGlobal Mentor Spotlight, co-founding partner Tara Lutman interviews tech founder Victoria Senkpiel from Oslo, Norway.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • How Victoria combined her success in the beauty box business with ML and AI to reduce environmental waste and create happier customers through personalized sampling technology.

  • Why Victoria says you shouldn’t take success for granted. What Victoria describes as GoGlobal's core strength and what made her join our network of high level mentors.

  • How working with an advisor helped her grow her startup, and also grow personally.

  • What it looks like to create a triple win.

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Esra Talu
Esra Talu
25 févr. 2022

Great interview!

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